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Snowmobile Ski Wheels  

In addition to protecting your wear bars and skis, Rouski’s retractable snowmobile wheels make it easier to ride on hard surfaces such as asphalt or cement.  

They provide additional safety on roads and bridges with more control, especially in curves.  For example, when you need to fill up, ride to the restaurant or even a hotel.

Loading or unloading your snowmobile into and from your trailer is also much easier, allowing you to back up easily on uneven surfaces.

In addition, Rouski snowmobile wheels prevent damage to you garage floor or driveway’s pavement because when they lift your skis, they prevent unwanted scratches.   

Automatic Retractable Wheels

Rouski provides a safe and easy system which engages in barely a few seconds. As soon as you ride on powdered snow, the wheels retract automatically. The automatic latching mechanism can also be engaged through weight shift on the snowmobile to lift the ski off the ground. Or, it can be set off manually by lifting the ski tip: the mechanism then retracts upwards and off you go! When needed, after a stop of only a few seconds, you can reset the Rouskis and get to your off- trail destination much easier.

Easy to install, these wheels require no change to the snowmobile’s original parts. They are durable and resistant, providing more control than the other brands. Because they use a stop, no twisting or pressure can be exerted on the ski.

Wheels for your Skis and Snowmobile

Rouskis are a fit with most snowmobile and ski types. Here are some compatible makes and models:

• Yamaha: Phazer, FX Nytro, Apex, R5 Vector Rx-1

• Ski-Doo: Grand Touring, MXZ, Renegade,

• Arctic-Cat: Bearcat 2000,5000,  570, Z1

• Sno Pro, Crossfire, Firecat, T500, Tz1, Panther, T660, Z 370, Z 570, Sabercat

• Ski “Aftermarket” like the Stealth

Make sure the Rouski system will fit your machine by using the charts available in the product sheets. Happy shopping!